Zayn just threw some MAJOR shade via Twitter

Who do you think it was about?

By Matt Galea
Zayn just threw some MAJOR shade via Twitter

Zayn ‘Twitter shade’ Malik is back at it again with the shady, shady, tweets.

He gained notoriety with his shade-filled posts directed at former band mate Louis Tomlinson less than two weeks after Zayning 1D.

Now, he has a message for all the haters – but we’re kinda unsure which specific hater he’s targeting.

”I recall someone saying to me a while back music wasn't my thing and maybe I should try something else..,” he wrote.

”I guess we're all good at doing things we shouldn't ... ~crying laughing emoji~ ~thumbs up emoji~.”

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Now who the heck could this be about?

Let’s be real, as much as we love the 24-year-old to the moon and back, not everyone shares our love for him.

In fact, he has a looooooooot of haters for multiple reasons, from deserting 1D to breaking Perrie’s heart.

But which specific hater told him that music wasn’t his thing?

Zayn may be a lot of things, but a bad singer is NOT one of them.

Gotta say, we’re enjoying the shade though.