Zouis have just broken 'the code'

Hold onto your hearts, guys, coz they might be about to break...

A major breach of boyband code has happened, but before we give you the deets, we recommend you sit down and grab a teddy. No, seriously.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Louis served DJ Naughty Boy a hot plate of fresh SASS? Well it seems the Tommo has been bottling it up ever since and this morning, we bring you round 2.


It all started when DJ Naughty Boy posted THIS picture with Zayn on twitter with the not-so-peaceful caption, “Replace this.” Excuse us while we roll our eyes into the back of our heads…

It only took two hours for Louis’ reply, allowing Directioners to grab their popcorn and choc tops for the impending night of twitter entertainment.

WARNING: Ice might be required for this BURN:

LOLz, it actually does look like something embarrassing we'd find on our photobooth from 2007.

Fifteen minutes later and Naughty boy came up with a pretty lame comeback that honestly was just rude:

But don’t worry about Louis wiping away any tears, oh no. The swagmaster from Doncaster just shook off that potential insult with the same amount of energy it takes to blink:


Just when things seemed to be settling for the night, Zayn chimed in and might have broken the internet, as well as our hearts AND his friendship with Louis…

Yeah, our hearts broke a little bit too. Louis didn’t respond to Zayn’s comment, but he did however continue to throw shade at Naughty Boy with these beauties:

So, yeah…that happened.

Louis and Zayn have officially broken the unspoken first rule of boyband world: never EVER throw shade in public.

Harry pretty much sums up the fandom right now...

Words: Samantha Stewart