Zayn Malik has beaten One Direction in yet another music thing

Er, congrats?

We might have to start calling Zayn the King of the Charts soon if this latest new is anything to go by... Yep, seems Zayny babes has been dominating with Pillowtalk the world over. The latest achievement is that it’s debuted at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Charts – something 1D never managed to do.

Closest the boys came was #2 with “Best Song Ever”, which was a pretty darn good banger quite frankly. #TheyWereRobbed #Recount

Zayn headed over to Twitter to give a shoutout to his fans for this momentous, glorious, wonderful honour.

However considering Harry, Liam and our favourite Irish prince Niall are all working on solo stuff RN, Zayny might not be the only 1D member to hold this title. Watch out there, Z!

Anyways, we reckon Zayn should pop a little thank you card in the post to Perrie considering he’s pretty much admitted their break-up was the inspo for the song. XOXO

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