The mystery girl from Zayn's film clip for "It's You" is NOT Gigi Hadid

And we now know who it is...


Zayn's new film clip for his second solo single "It's You" has been released on Apple Music and we can #Confirm that Gigi does NOT come back for an encore. TBH we're kinda relieved cos #Zigi was getting a bit much.

So who is this Gigi doppelgänger? It's none other ~alleged~ Hollywood mean girl Nicola Peltz... this girl...

That long blonde hair... Zayn sure has a type. The song is appaz about his split with Perrie Edwards so we reckon Nicola fits the bill to play her. Have a watch of the ~moody B+W~ snippet above and let us know what you think. XOXO


OMG is Gigi srsly gonna appear in ANOTHER one of Zayn’s film clips?!

In case you didn’t know guys, Zayn and Gigi ARE TOGETHER.

Rolls eyes

Ya know, just in case you missed all those Insta photos, the Snapstory appearances and them being MORE than friendly in Zayn’s Pillowtalk film clip.

Ugh, still having nightmares bout this TBH.


Without doubt these two are srsly about to win the award for the Most Annoying Couple on Social Media. And just in case someone was gonna come along and snatch the crowns off pretty little heads, they've gone and reminded us all AGAIN.

Zayn has posted a ~teaser~ clip for his new single "It's You" on Twitter and surprise, surprise the girl in the clip looks A LOT like one Miss Gigi Hadid aka Zayn Malik's GIRLFRIEND.

This is just another reminder of how rediculously loved-up they are - like we didn't know this already.

But what makes this even more awks is the song is apparently about Perrie Edwards, aka Zayn's former fiancée. Funny cos Pillowtalk was also apparently about Pez. Ehhhh Gigi, what ya doin'?

Anywayz check out the clip above and let us know if you reckon it's Gigi or can identify the ~mystery~ girl. The song drops tonight so hopefully all will be revealed soon. XOXO

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