Zayn and Gigi have become that annoying couple on social media...

Getcha flirt on much.

"We're good friends, yeah," is what Zayn had to say about him and Gigi Hadid in his controversial Beats 1 interview... but uhhhh this new film clip and like everything else the two do together kinda sorta HEAPS proves she's deffs more than a friend.

Zayn's new 'Pillowtalk' music video shows the two completely mackin' on, and during the Twitter FRENZY that came after the vid drop, Zayn and Gigi got ridic. flirty towards one another.

"@GiGiHadid you seen the video babe? Someones looking ," Zayn tweeted to Gig.

Doubt she missed it m8.


"@zaynmalik nah musta missed it

Jokes... I wasn't looking at myself, trust me "

They've totally become THAT couple you can't stand on social media, like...

The video already has over 21 million views on YouTube, and has caused fangirls to go into full-blown meltdown mode.

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