Zayn just confirmed the best news ever

Zayn gals are gonna LOSE IT!

By Matt Galea
Zayn just confirmed the best news ever

Remember that epic moment when former One Direction member, Zayn Malik dropped his fiyah debut album and our lives suddenly become better?

Well good news guys, you’re about to relive that moment again as ol’ Zayno has announced that a second album is on the way!

How the feck do we know?


An absolute champ of a fan asked Gigi’s bae how his next album is coming along and his response said it all.

”SOOOO HOW’S THE SECOND ALBUM????” The fan asked.

”Sexy,” Malik succinctly responded.

Sexy, huh?

Considering his first album contained songs like ’Pillowtalk’ that were ~raunchy~ AF, plus the singer recently appeared on the soundtrack for the racy flick Fifty Shades Darker, we can’t image his music getting any more ”sexy”!

But we’re keen AF to see what he comes up with next!