The ~drams~ behind Zayn's “iT's YoU” video

The film clip is even edgier than Pillowtalk, if that's possible.

In case you spent the Easter long weekend in a chocolate-coated food coma, here’s Zayn’s brand-spanking new music video for his second single, “iT's YoU.”

While the sombre, black-and-white masterpiece may have given you all of the feels, it also gave a very special person feels, but for a different reason…

No no, we’re not talking about our dear Harold – we just couldn’t resist using that GIF!

We were, of course, referring to Zayn’s other half, Gigi.

You may have noticed a striking resemblance between Zayn’s IRL bae and Zayn's on-screen bae, played by actress Nicola Peltz.

Anyone would assume that Nicola’s appearance in Zayn’s music video would have come up in conversation between #Zigi at some point, but it turns out that Gigi was clued in by Nicola, herself #AWKWARD.

“I called her when I got the offer, and she was like, 'Oh my god,'" Nicola told Teen Vogue.

Erm, yeah, cool, okay.

Old mate Nics went on to say that she was stoked to be compared to Miss Gigi:

"They were like, 'Oh, everyone thinks it's Gigi!' Which, by the way, I'm beyond flattered, she's a goddess."

You’re not wrong there, Nicola. But we wonder how Gigi felt about finding out that Nicola would star alongside her man via a phone call from Nicola, and not from Zayn.

While you ponder that thought, let's get a load of the sass kween herself:

Anywayz, have a watch of the music clip above and let us know what you think. Crazier than Pillowtalk? Moodier or just altogether weird? XX

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