Zayn Malik's sand sculpture will probably give you nightmares

This is worse than wax figure fails.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Zayn Malik has bigger problems to deal with than those rumours flying around about him cheating with Selena Gomez, because this freak-of-nature Zayn replica sand sculpture is something straight out of a horror film.

The professional brooder has been depicted as THIS and fans are losing all chill over it:


A sand sculpture. Not a statue, or anything as majestic. A sand sculpture.

I feel like we didn't give you enough warning for that, so apologies. But COME ON, IS ZAYN 80 YRS OLD?!

The statue was unveiled in Bradford UK, his hometown, and his mum Trish has already taken a selfie with it, looking just as impressed as we are.

Basically all our reactions ^^.

We're not sure Zayn will be too impressed with this portrayal of him. We're just casually dying over it.

NOTHING beats this though:

YEP fans are comparing it to the creepy-as-hell Art Attack head. That's enough internet for today, #GottaZayn.