Zayn reveals how he landed Gigi Hadid as his girlfriend

But he gets ~very~ uncomfortable about it.

By Matt Galea
Zayn reveals how he landed Gigi Hadid as his girlfriend

In a world where Larry can’t be open to the world and Kim and Kanye divorce rumours are poppin’ up every day, it’s easy to believe that love is low-key a lie.

But then there are couples like #Zigi that confirm the belief that two people are meant to be together.

Like, come on, have you ever seen two people more suited for each other!?

Recently, Zayn appeared on US radio show The Morning Mash Up and was, of course, asked about his gorj girlfriend.

The radio hosts just HAD TO ask Malik how he managed to land an ethereal, goddess of a woman like Gigi and it made Zayn blush like crazy.

"I don't know," Zayn answered. "I think you'll have to ask her."

"I just asked her [out]. It was pretty straight up,” he continued. "I just asked her if she wanted to go on a date. I was in New York."


But it seems like there is more to Zigi’s origin story that he’s not letting up, as he coyly told the hosts: "A gentleman never tells the full details."

Well, it looks like the rest of that story will remain a mystery… but feel free to check out Zayn’s cute but cagey response for yourself.