This is who finally convinced Zayn to leave One Direction

Was it his evil twin Rodger?

By Amber Manto

March 25, 2015 was a very, very dark day in the 1D fandom; it was the day five became four. There were lots of questions, mainly “WHY?!” and “WHO?!”

Since that day Zayn has said A LOT of things to explain the first question… but has always assured everyone the decision was his and his alone.


Speaking with Glamour magazine, Zayn openly admitted who eventually gave him the nudge he need to quit the band: “An alien spoke to me in a dream."

Er, say what now?

^ Leeaaavve 1D, leeaaave!

Although, Zayno could have just been in one his joking moods he’s so popular for, cough, nah but seriously when asked next up what he does when he’s hanging with old friends he told the mag:

“We do this weird thing. We communicate with words."

Riiiiight, seems some of the Louis Tomlinson sass may have just rubbed off on Zayno after all.