Zendaya says she was denied service at a grocery store due to her skin tone

Not cool.

By Sammy Stewart

Zendaya has taken to Snapchat to explain her not-so-nice encounter with a woman who gave her attitude (and terrible service) due to her skin colour.

After grocery shopping with her friend Tuesday arvo, the 20-year-old babe had to get something off her chest...

"So we just got out of this Vons. Now, I am trying to buy a lot of gift cards. Now, there’s some certain, specific things you have to do when it comes to buying gift cards,” Zendaya said.

“There are certain limits and some things, which is understandable. OK, cool. So I’ll take a less amount, whatever. But the lady that was helping us—I don’t think she was a fan of our skin tone.”

Queen Z continued: "In fact, I recall her not trying to help us at all, saying that we couldn’t buy the gift cards, and then throwing my wallet. You can’t make this s–t up. I just can’t make this s–t up! You know? This is what we deal with!” Zendaya explained, adding that the sales clerk gave full-on attitude and said, “You can’t afford this.”


“Long story short,” Zendaya said, “there is so much progress to be done in our world.”

Zendaya added that the store manager eventually came out an apologised and gave her the gift card, while a a rep from Vons has told TMZ the interaction between Zendaya and the checkout clerk did not involve race, but instead was about store policy.