You'll NEVER believe who Zendaya is collaborating with for a new song

THIS is going to be #FIRE!

So if you thought Justin Bieber has been dropping the hottest bangers, you are WRONG HONEY.

Enter: Michelle Obama, who's enlisted a ~BAWSY~ group of women to drop a tune to end all tunes.

Michelle's announced that during a keynote speech she'll be making tomorrow, she'll be unveiling 'This Is For Our Girls', a song she's been working on with Missy Elliott, Kelly Rowland, Kelly Clarkson, Lea Michele and our own kween and ruler of the slayin' world, ZENDAYA!

And what will Michelle's speech be about you ask? The 'Let Girls Learn' initiative which is aimed at ensuring young girls around the world get an education. And who better to lead that initiative than the ~first lady~ backed up by her powerful singing gal pals?

Can we get a "slayyyy"?!

NGL: Beyoncé would have totally owned this collab.

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