Zendaya is spotted on *another* date with this guy and can we start #shipping them now?

They're damn cute together.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Zendaya on another date with Odell Beckham Jr.

When it comes to Zenslaya's (she should just adopt that name already) personal life, she keeps it just that. Personal.

So when she's spotted ~hanging out~ with a guy, we can maaaybe assume that they're dating - or y'know, hope for it to be true.

Last Feb, she walked the 2016 Grammy's red carpet with football player Odell Beckham Jr., which is a pretty bold statement.


Now, she's been spotted with him again at a basketball game, and it looks like a date to us.


BUT, Zendaya shut it down before it even began.

She let the world know that they did not plan to attend the game together, but we're getting sly ~vibes~ from Odell in the vid that he totally wished it had been planned...

In reality, Zen just treated her mum to a night out. Adorbs.

He was only spotted with Bella Hadid last week in a similar sort of sitch, so who knows, hanging out with gorgeous celebrity gals at BBall games is his thing...