10 times Zendaya was the queen of sass

The 18-year-old tackles the big issues of race, sexism and body-shaming with FLAIR.

1. Everytime she defends her gorgeous beauty choices, like after the BET awards:


2. When she amazed everyone with her ferocious Hunger Games-level knife throwing in "Bad Blood".

3. When she rocked dreadlocks on the red carpet:

4. When she beautifully and maturely stood up to cruel remarks about her dreadlocks:

5. Everytime she reminded us she's a convincing mini-Beyonce:

6. When she pointed out that the decision to go natural or sport make-up was #NBD and you just gotta do you!

7. At the Met Gala when she SLAYED in this amazingly unique dress. #FormalGoalz.

8. When, as a 16-year-old, she became the youngest-ever Dancing With The Stars contestant!

9. When she silenced body shamers by fairly showing BOTH sides of the story...

10. The time she stood up for this beauty blogger and put misogynistic trolls IN THEIR PLACE:

Was there ever a sassier girl to rule the lands? #Nope.