Is Zendaya about to steal Louis Tomlinson’s crown as the sassmaster of Twitter?

Zendaya's being a Kween again.

By Emma Hedges

In news that won’t shock anyone, Zendaya has once again dished out the PERFECT response to a Twitter troll.

It all started with Queen Z uploaded a flower crown selfie to her Snapchat, only for a Twitter user @ClutchLikeRomo to screenshot it and caption the pic was a sassy-as-heck comment.

“She looks like a gay dude wearing makeup,” the Twitter troll wrote. Now, when you first read it you think that it’s just a passing comment. But if you read it a second time, it sounds kinda rude to the LGTB community, and Zendaya totally picked up on this. In typical KWEEN fashion, Zendaya retweeted the hater’s post and replied, “Wait… is this supposed to be an insult cause they slay sooooooo…..”

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One follower was so grateful for Zendaya standing up for gay men (who also look perf in makeup), he tweeted back, “Thank you for standing up for us.”

Kudos, Zendaya, for always spreading love and positive vibes to EVERYONE, no matter who they are.