Zoella's monthly earnings will probably make you cry for the rest of week

We're not jealous, YOU are.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Look, when we slaved away doing chores for mum and earned ourselves a big old $20 note, we were chuffed.

But get ready to use that $20 as a tissue coz you're going to cry when you learn how much Zoella - YouTube kween - earns each month.

Wait for it... £50,000 ($83,717) a month. A MONTH.

Zoella has built herself an online empire from the start of YouTube videos, and now she's low-key rollin' in it.

According to The Sunday Times, Zo earned a total £400,000 ($669,741) in only eight months before November 2014.

The real kicker is that Zoella admits in her recent Cosmo UK cover, that she didn't even consider blogging to begin with.

"Back then nobody [was making any money]," she tells us. "My dad kept saying I had to look for a proper job. He was like, 'Get off your laptop, you need to go out.' He didn't get it."

Eat yo heart out dad.

She continued: "It was only three years into YouTube [that I started making money] and then it was only $60 every now and then. The cheque would arrive on the doorstep and I'd be like, 'I told you Dad!'"

"When I hit one million subscribers [in 2013] it was the first time I thought it could be a career."

Turns out it's a pretty damn successful career, and if you're feeling the same career choice, here's how to start up a ~legit~ YouTube channel...](http://www.dolly.com.au/lifestyle/how-to-start-a-youtube-channel-12955) Heck, you can even pget a degree in it these days.