Dolly Doctor

10 reasons why periods suck

That monthly crimson curse, eh?

Hayley Williams Crimson Curse

1. **The crazy person it turns us into before "the big event"**

PMT creeps up on us like Justin Bieber creeping away from a house he's just egged, and before we know it, we're screaming at our brother for buying us the wrong type of chips. When he got them as a surprise gift. And probs just deserved a simple "thanks".

2.** You'll think your period has finished. And then it'll come back with full force**

Because it wants to punish you. Monthly.

3. The bloat

Period bloat is in a whole difficult league to "I probs shouldn't have eaten that entire loaf of bread in one sitting" bloat. It's painful and makes you feel sluggish.

4. You basically have to wear a nappy to bed

Mmm, we love the rustling sound of those night time maxi pads when we wriggle around whilst trying to get comfortable.

5. Swimming becomes an ordeal

Do you have any tampons? Is your tampon string hanging out? Are you leaving a trail of blood that's attracting sharks as far away as Hawaii?

6. The volcano-sized spots that appear on our face overnight

Oh hey little boulder that needs its own zip code, where were you when I went to bed?

7. Tampons will most definitely jump out of your bag at the least convenient moment

Those emergency tampons you threw in your bag? Those little cotton spawns of Satan will leap out when you least expect it. Like when you're getting your purse out of your bag and the cashier is "Alex from Target" level hot.

8. Light-coloured clothing is a no-go

Leakage happens to the best of us - we've had it happen during a yoga class when we were wearing light grey leggings. LIGHT GREY LEGGINGS. We waddled out of there faster than you can say "OH GAWD, GROUND, PLEASE SWALLOW ME UP".

9. Wanting all the ice cream and chocolate and potato chips and...

We don't even really like ice cream. BUT WE WANT IT. NOW.

10. Period poos

'nuff said