Dolly Doctor

10 things ~every girl~ should have in her bathroom

Goals, goals, goals!

1. Two toothbrushes

One is for your teeth, obvs, but the other is for flyaways. TBH we don’t know why it works so much better than a regular hairbrush, it just does. Spray a little hairspray on it and gently comb over those fuzzies. Kylie Jenner swears by it.

2. Toothpaste

It has more uses than just cleaning your teeth. Dot it over a pimple or 10. Send a hello-from-the-other-side-where-I-look-like-an-alien Snapchat to your girls and let it magically fix your face (read: dry out your blemishes) while you head to bed. Maybs give it a miss if you’ve got sensitive skin though or you'll end up looking like the angry emoji.

3. Cotton tips

Obvs they clean your ears but they're also great for fixing lipstick when you go in a little heavy handed and start to look like the Joker. Plus they're also good fake tan hand fixers and popping pimple BFFs. They're actually little lifesavers really.

4. Razors

Always have one of these on hand so you're ready to become a silky, smooth ~kwEeN~. Always rinse it after you’re finished. Dried hair and shaving gel are offish the WORST things you could leave on the blades. They’ll gunk it up and you want it to stay sharp for life. Or y’know until you need to change blades/buy a fresh one.

5. Multipurpose balm

We literally couldn’t fangirl over this bit of beauty loot harder. It keeps your lips soft, tames brows, can be used as mascara when you’re all, life-is-too-hard for actual mascara. That and 3,000 other uses.

6. Sunscreen

Cos Kim Kardashian got burnt in 2009 and we’re STILL talking about it. ~Layers SPF50+ over entire body.~

7. Bandaids

When you buy new shoes and you're SO happy that you forget how badly they blister the first time around... Instead of cursing the day those shoes were designed, a band aid will remember why you spent all that pocket money on them. Also, you may fall and need a band aid, kay?

8. Bobby pins and hair elastics

Do yourself a favour and get Mum or Dad to take you to Costco and buy A MILLION of each. That should last you til August. Cos WHERE IN THE WORLD those little suckers go, we don’t know. But we do know you'll need lots of these - LOTS.

9. Essentials

While you’re hanging with Mum, please also remind her that you’re out of shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, body wash, body lotion, face wipes, moisturiser and nail polish remover, k? #LIFESAVERS!


Woah. Soz to get all shouty. But if your perfume is in your bathroom RN go move it. All of the heat and humidity in there isn’t good for your fave juice. Store it somewhere dark and cool and it will continue to smell the same as it did when you bought it #goals.