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10 times Demi Lovato totally kicked butt

Because SHE'S COMING TO AUSTRALIA. dancing lady emoji

10 times Demi Lovato totally kicked butt

Not only is Demi Lovato on this month's DOLLY cover (WOOP AND YAY!) but it's just been announced that she's heading to Australia NEXT MONTH to stop by, say hi, and promote her awesome new single Cool for the Summer.

The last minute visit is all a bit vague so far, but what we do know is that she'll be here in early August (IT'S AUGUST NEXT WEEK, YOU GUYS!) and we'll be at the front of whatever queue there is to greet her and tell her she is our queen. But until then, here are ten ways she made us worship her:

  1. By making us rethink 
the coloured hair game with her ever-changing, always amazing rainbow tresses.

  1. Remember when she thanked Kim Kardashian 
and her curves for changing the definition of what’s beautiful, and said: “I love my butt.”?

  1. When she fearlessly took on Idina Menzel’s impressive pipes and sang the radio version of Frozen’s “Let 
It Go” and totally killed it.

  1. That dress she wore to the MTV VMA’s last year made a solid case for wearing all-red-errything to fancy events (and gave us some serious formal dress inspo).

  1. That time she called out her former employers, 
the Disney Channel, for 
an inappropriate eating disorder joke made on Shake It Up. BTW the Disney Channel made an official apology, thanks to Demi.

  1. The day her album, Here We Go Again, hit number one 
on the US Billboard charts. Yeah, girl!

  1. Every time she wouldn’t take any negativity from Simon Cowell as co-judge on The X Factor and shut him down. You just don’t 
mess with Demi. Ever.

  1. Owning up to her struggles and writing her book, Staying Strong, so she could help others going through the same thing was boss.

  1. When questioned if her public hardship was because Joe Jonas broke up with her, she said, “I wouldn’t credit my meltdown to a guy. There was so much other stuff.”

  1. When she teamed up with Kyle and Jackie O to track down her biggest Aussie fan on her most recent trip to Sydney and surprised him. Watching the video gave us all of the feels. We can’t even pretend we’re not jealous.

For more on Demi, check out our August issue of DOLLY, on sale now.