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10 ways to get a guy to notice how ~aWeSoMe~ you are!

How could he not?! #SummerBae

10 ways to get a guy to notice how great you are

You know you don’t need to have a boyfriend but think it’ll be nice to have that special someone? Well, if you’ve been dying to speak to that cute guy from PE or pining away for that adrobz friend-of-a-friend you’ve seen so many times at parties, here’s your chance to find out the top ten tips to getting your dream bae: 1. Have confidence
If you see someone slouching or looking uncomfortable with themselves, would you look twice? Having confidence will give you that extra something that grabs his attention even when you don’t think you’re looking your best. If you’ve got his attention, you’ve already passed the first hurdle. 2. Laugh and be positive
If you are projecting positive energy, a guy will naturally be more attracted to you. Who wouldn't want to spend time with someone who's always laughing and being positive? Be comfortable in your own skin and bring out your fun side. 3. Body language
There are some tell-tale signs you need to convey if you’re hoping to get that special boy's attention and let him know you’re interested. If your eyes meet from across the room, look directly in his eyes for just that extra second, mind you, not staring without blinking (or you’ll look like a mad stalker) and team it up with a gentle smile. This will give him the opportunity to come over and have a chat with you. Bingo.

4. Get a quick lesson on his favourite interests
Whether it's rugby or football or some obscure rock band, do a little research. You can find lots of information on bands and sports online and talking about a subject you know he enjoys is a perfect conversation opener. 5. Play hard to get the right way
Some girls tend to think that ignoring a guy and acting like you’re not interested at all will get his attention. Wrong. You need to at least be on friendly terms with him. Listen to him when he speaks and act interested in the conversation. 6. Look and feel your best
You need to be happy and confident in what you are wearing to make you most attractive. If wearing some short skirt is going to make you uncomfortable and squirm, don’t wear it! Nothing is more off putting then a girl trying to show too much and trying too obviously to seek attention. Subtlety is a fine art, use it wisely and you'll attract a much classier guy who can see more then what meets the eye. 7. Don’t overdo make-up
Garish make up and powder a centimetre thick isn’t going to attract the boy you want. You’d be surprised how many guys out there rate the beauty of a girl as much higher when she is bare-faced then when she has loads of make-up on. Keep it clean and simple and avoid heavy use of blush or eyeliner.

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8. Get along with his friends
Getting on the inside track with his mates is always a big plus as is putting effort to hang out with his mates. Guys usually seek approval from their closest buddies and who knows, they may even help in playing match-maker! 9. Don’t act jealous
If you are already mates with the guy you want, acting upset or jealous of his other female friends is a no-no. Keep yourself level headed and open to all his friends, male or female. 10. Read his signs
If you’re really not getting any vibe from him then let it go. Signs that he is not interested at all could be walking away while you are mid-way through conversation, ignoring you or just plain more interested in talking to anyone else in the room except you. You deserve the best and if he’s not really into you, that’s his loss. Cut your losses and forget him.

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