Dolly Doctor

12 reasons why Zoella is your spirit animal

She may be YouTube royalty but she’s just like us.

To celebrate Zoe as our new cover girl, we thought we would remind you why this YouTube superstar is loved all over the world by millions.

She’s all about spreading ~positivity~ to her 9 million subscribers.

She knows a thing or two about marine biology.

She’s behaves just like us when we get hangry.

And she shares our beliefs about pizza.

She knows that surrounding yourself with people you love will make you feel loved too.

She’s smooooth when it comes to a love interest.

She helps us to remember that it’s okay not to be okay.

And that you don’t always feel like Beyoncé.

But she wants us to know that we're never alone.

She’s always here to remind us to love ourselves.

And to live each day like it’s a gift.

We love you Zoe!