Dolly Doctor

16 absolutely ~Awkward~ moments you've no doubt experienced while on your period

Ugh, there's a murder scene in ma panties again.

By Bianca Mastroianni

We all have that awful date marked on our calendars where we set aside a week of binge-watching Netflix, eating too much chocolate and being an absolute sass kween. You know, the week when you get your period. DUH!

Although there are many upsides to that time of the month, we've ALL experienced those awkward moments while on the flow that are totally #relatable.

1. Sneakily trying to fish a pad/tampon out of your bag to go to the bathroom with.

2. Nearly clogging the toilet and having to wait an eternity to flush again.

3. Getting a cute cashier serve you when you're purchasing 20 maxi-pads for a heavy flow.

4. PHANTOM LEAKAGES. Because you could be as dry as a desert down there but you'll still feel like you're leaking litres of blood...

5. Doing the 'cowboy walk' cos' your pad feels like a nappy.

6. When you have no supplies and have to DIY some toilet paper into a pad.

7. When it surprises you in the shower and you look down to witness a murder scene.

8. When you're at bae's house and they don't have a bin in the bathroom.

9. Cracking open a fresh tampon in a busy, public bathroom. All girls know what's going down in there.

10. Sitting on the toilet for an extra minute or so to, er, get it all out after you've finished peeing.

11. Accidentally wearing white.

12. Feeling a little bit leak out while you're in class and instantly sitting up straighter for the rest of the period (GET IT?!).

13. Unexpectedly getting it when you're in public and having to scale the walls to get to the bathroom.

14. Taking a tampon out after you've been swimming and fully understanding the width a tampon can puff up to.

15. Getting out of the shower and standing on a fluffy, white bath mat without undies on... blame it on a shaving cut.


Confirmed: We've all had at least five of the above occurrences happen to us in our period lives, and all we can say is embrace it because you're stuck with these struggles for a very, very long time.