Dolly Doctor

16 pimple truths that are #relatable

We've all been here.

By Beth England

We're all too familiar with how it feels to wake up with a blindie waiting to say hey on your chin.

Thank goodness for concealer, amirite?! Whether you just woke up with a blemish or you’re still waiting for that scar to fade, you can probably relate to these 16 pimple truths.

1. You wake up feeling like Sleeping Beauty… but then you feel that familiar throb on your chin/cheek/forehead. You touch it gingerly and confirm your worst fears. It’s a pimple. ~Rushes to mirror~

2. You peer quizzically at your blemish from different angles, struggling to resist the urge to touch it. It’s actually not so bad. Yet.

3. It’s time for a shower. You carefully cleanse your face, trying not to nudge the pimple too much. BUT YOU CAN'T RESIST!

4. Now comes the big decision - whether or not to cover the thing. Putting concealer over it could make it worse… but it’ll stop you touching it, which is a good thing. You decide to cover it.

5. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO COVER ONE TINY PIMPLE?! It doesn’t matter how much concealer you pile on, it seems to cover the entire circumference of the pimple, without actually concealing the pimple itself. You wipe it off and start again. You can do this.

6. Despite your best efforts to leave it alone, the darn thing is definitely growing. In fact, it's grown a few arms and legs. You push half your hair over your face in a desperate attempt to hide it.

7. You stare enviously at your fellow peers with super-clear skin. How did she get this perfect complexion? Has she never binged on chocolate or felt stressed? Does she wash her face with unicorn tears? You consider asking her… but decide that might be a bit weird. And it'll just draw more attention to the planet growing on your head.

8. The pimple is becoming a white head. You are in two minds about this – on the one hand, you are happy it’s no longer just a giant swollen lump. On the other hand, it looks possibly more gross.

9. You treat yourself to ice-cream/chocolate cake/hot chips because you feel sorry for yourself. Also, as the pimple has ruined your face, you feel like there’s no point making an effort with your diet. #GirlLogic.

10. You are comforted by the fact that celebs get pimples too. You’re not alone in your struggle. In fact, you may even emerge as glowing and gorgeous as Selena Gomez!

11. The time has come to squeeze this thing. What did that article say about doing it correctly? It doesn't matter you'll just end up squeezing it as hard as you can anyways.

12. Despite your best effort, it's not working and it’s getting redder and redder and you are pretty much on the verge of tears. You drag yourself away from the mirror and decide to just go to bed. Tomorrow will be better.

13. You wake up the next morning and finally see an improvement! It’s beginning to heal! There is a God, and (s)he’s on your side!

14. You feel your confidence returning. You – not the pimple – are in control. You walk with sass: Dream job and/or future husband, here we come!

15. How long are acne scars supposed to last? You don’t mean to sound demanding, but this one is taking its sweet time to fade. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to cover now. No-one will ever know...

16. You wake up, and… you can’t even. There’s another one. RIP you.