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17 ways to up your Instagram game

It's all about that lighting...

Do you ever look at all those ~amazing~ Instagram pages that just look like an artwork in itself? Do you wonder how the hell these normal, everyday people are getting so many followers and likes and your page is lookin' a little dismal? If you spend a silly amount of time choosing the right filter and still don't get the results you want, it's because there are some unspoken IG rules you HAVE to know.

Not only are they super easy, but these are really effective ways you can change your Instagram from flop to fab.

1. Use natural light

No amount of editing can save a photo that is poorly lit, and natural light is the KEY to capturing moments in their best possible form. Early morning, late arvo and overcast days are the best for picture taking.

2. Contrast

Strong colours and lines will make any picture POP! You can achieve this with some filters, but it is all about the bold, contrasting colours in the original pic.

3. Use the focus on your camera

Tap on your screen where you want the camera to focus the most and it will create a more clear, defined pic. If you want a close-up of an object/person, it will create a nice blur for the background to help the main object stand out, and vice versa.

4. Take **advantage of editing apps**

A little teeth whitening here and blurring a pimple out here never hurt no-one! Facetune is the most popular selfie-editing app, but there are heaps more, as well as cheaper ones, out there.

5. Straighten pics

Instagram has a straightening tool, which is best used for horizon shots. Nobody wants an wobbly/unlevel pic to make ya dizzy.

6. Don't always use a flash

It can cause over-exposure, we have alllllll had those non-existent nose selfies!

7. Dont over-edit

It's obvious and fake-looking when a pic is over-edited. The best picture is the most natural, and studies have shown no filter at all gets the most likes!

8. Take HEAPS of shots

Yeah, so it takes 80 selfies to pick the right one, so what? Professional photoshoots take hundreds of pics of a model just to get one pic!

9. Use burst mode

Similar to taking millions of selfies to get the ~perf~ one, holding down the capture button on your phone allows a series of shots to be taken. Perfect for those action shots.

10. Know your angles

Don't ever open the front-facing camera from below. We all know that double-chin life and it's NOT a nice angle. Know what side of your face/body or even nature shots look best from whichever angle. For people shots, the best shots are always taken from slightly above.

Image: Twitter/@ItsArdnassela[](|target="_blank")


White backgrounds in photos allows not only the photo but your whole Instagram profile to breathe a little.

12. Whitagram is bae

White borders will also break up each pic and allow your entire profile to look better. Whitagram is the best app for this, and it also allows an entire pic to fit into the Instagram dimensions.

13. Quality over quantity

Don't post too many pics. If you have a pearler of a shot, then go for it, but nobody wants to see 20 different pics of the same thing. It's all about the quality.

14. Know peak times to post on Instagram

There are certain times during the day that Instagram has most traffic. Mornings when people are waking up to check their social media pages, lunch breaks and night-time before bed. Posting during these times will allow more likes and more views #WINNING! Iconosquare is a GREAT app because it uses optimisation tools to analyse your post engagement.

15. Keep your eye out for interesting details or objects and focus on them solely

This can be anything from floor patterns to something random you see in the street. The more unique the better.

16. DON'T use front-facing camera for selfies

It just isn't as good as a camera as the back facing camera, so therefore BETTER QUALITY! Selfie game has just increased hard.

17. Stand on a chair or get aerial view for food pics

If you love food selfies on Instagram then make sure you take them like this, because flatlays for food is all the rage RN.

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