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30 things to do before summer ends!

Choose from a SLAYIN' list of stuff to do before the holiday season's out...

Learn to surf: Debbie and Sue of Puberty Blues did it! Grab the girls, head to the beach, rent a board and catch some unreal waves.

Host an “Ice Cream Sundae” party: Gather you friends and family together for a sweet bash. Lay out sprinkles, smarties, maltesers, bananas, cherries... your topping, your treat! Your DIY sundae bar could even be further amped up by making your own summery ice cream flavours… try mango, coconut or strawberry!

Camp out under the stars: All you need is a sleeping bag and a couple of mates (plus LOTS of insect repellent!). Whether it’s at the beach, backyard or on top of your trampoline, pick a warm night and lay back, relax and spot the shooting stars!

Home-make a flower crown: Buy a headband, wire or rope and choose your colour and style. Using real or fake flowers thread or glue down your beautiful bouquet along the band and decorate it with ribbons or beads.

Become a marine biologist and swim with sharks (kind of…): Take a trip to the aquarium and face your fears by walking on a glass floor above some of the world’s BIGGEST sharks. You can even get a little tamer and play with the friendly sea stars and urchins, see the world’s smallest species of penguins or go behind the scenes and experience what it’s like to be a marine biologist for a day.

Scent your room like a tropical island: Buy some tea light casings, wax beads and coconut oil. Heat a saucepan over water and when boiling fill an aluminium can with the wax beads and place it into the water. Once they melt into liquid wax add the coconut oil and pour it into the tea lights and wait for them to harden! Say aloha to your very own DIY coconut candles.

Turn your room into a beach shack: Collect seashells, beads, string, a small log and begin threading the rope through the shells (you might need to drill or poke a hole through some of the shells!). Add knick-knacks like old keys, sea glass, driftwood or flowers and hang by your window for a pretty tune as the wind whistles.

Quench your thirst with some smoothies: Take to some berries, banana or mango with your blender and sip on by the pool. Have a slight sweet tooth? Grab some coffee or chocolate powder and add ice cream and cold milk to create your own icy drinks.

Summer lovin’: Grab your friends (or your special someone) and have a summer movie marathon. The Notebook, Pirates of the Caribbean, 500 Days of Summer, Dirty Dancing, The Parent Trap or even Jaws, if you’re feeling brave…

Get creative with some tropical nails: Paint your digits pink and add a splash of green at the top, dot with black and you’ve got a watermelon! Stuck for ideas? Check out the #summernails tags on Tumblr, Pinterest and of course, Instagram!

Head to the drive-ins: Stick the popcorn in the microwave, grab a pillow and take a trip to the drive in. You’ll feel like Sandy from Grease with the windows rolled down and the summer breeze blowing through your hair.

Remember every moment of summer: Grab your camera and print off all those summer snaps for a bedroom wall collage. Add your favourite sayings, shells or flowers. To add more, make some paper butterflies, a photo of your dream summer getaways or even create your own dream summer vacation story out of magazine clippings.

Message in a bottle: Grab some empty bottles and corks and write some cute #TBH’s for your besties. Fill the bottle with coloured sand, glitter or beads and pop them in the mail box and wait for their reply! Make one for yourself but instead write a “Next Summer’s Bucket List”. Stash it away and open it come next summer to re-read all your holiday dreams!

Keep fit: Get healthy and soak up that sun by doing some chilled Pilates or yoga by the beach. Look up a few quick workout tutorials on YouTube, find a quiet place, put on some relaxing tunes and work those core muscles out!

Bake a beach-themed cake: Just make a regular cake and cut a section out of the middle. Fill it with blue jelly and crush up some cookies to create the sand. Stick a few cocktail umbrellas and some tiny teddy folks around the jelly and you’ll have a one delicious looking beach party.

Have a last minute shopping spree: Catch the last of the summer sales or try hitting the flea markets for a more bohemian change of pace. Stroll in the sun and check out the stalls for vintage dresses, homemade jewellery and yummy farmer’s market jams and sweets!

Get arty: Add artwork to your room with a paper cherry blossom picture. Draw the outline of a tree and crumble pink and white crepe paper to glue down off the branches.

Rise early: Drag your butt outta bed, chuck on a bikini and head to the beach to watch the sunrise over the water. Tip: Make sure you check online the night before what time the sun rises!

Secret garden: Take a trip to the Chinese gardens to enjoy the tranquillity and peace! Have a go at sketching or photographing some of the scenery.

Read for fun: Prolong the warm season by reading a summer adventure book. Try Ann Brashare’s, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Make a summer reading list for next year of any books you’ve been dying to finish!

Treat yo’self like a tropical island princess: Cut the top off a pineapple and scoop out the middle to fill with a juice and make your very own natural tropical cup.

When life gives you lemons: Just add sugar and natural or soda water to the lonely lemons on your tree. If you’re feeling adventurous add some lime or mint leaves for a zingy twist. Set up a stand at your house and invite neighbours, friends and family for refreshments. They’ll love ya.

Backyard games: Host a game of DIY lawn twister. Grab some red, blue, yellow and white spray-paint to create the twister mat. Make your own twister board using some cardboard and markers and attach an arrow or dial to spin around the board. Oh, don’t you forget to ask permission first! #LOL

Summer dessert MUST: Go all out and make some salted caramel covered smores! To. Die. For.

Last minute date: Save the movie night for the cold rainy winter! Head down to the park with your crush and chill out with a nice home-packed picnic. Take a picnic mat and watch the shapes in the clouds (while munching on some chocolates and chips!) or play a game of soccer.

Become the next Masterchef: Granola bars anyone? Buy trail mix or make your own with nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Hold it all together with some melted honey and refrigerate. Slice up some watermelon and add a Popsicle stick at the bottom to make some fun and healthy treats!

Pool party: Take a trip to the local swimming pool or aquatic centre with your friends. You can cool off and enjoy the water and waves without the seaweed and sand probs.

Write a summer romance: Start off by describing your perfect guy and the place where you will meet him. Getting writer’s block? Make the story about meeting your ultimate celeb crush! It could be Harry Styles, Zac Efron, Ashton Irwin or Theo James… Who knows, you could be the next Nicholas Sparks! We’ll take Ryan Gosling as our first leading man, puh-lease.

Get active: Make the most of the day light savings and go on an evening walk, a bike ride or even a hiking adventure. End the day with a yummy summer BBQ.

Tie-Dye Tuesdays: Old clothes or bed sheets boring you? Grab the help of your friends and DIY Tie-dye them. Find a sunny place in your backyard to hang up the wet sheets or clothes and choose some dye colours and patterns!

Words: Ruby-Leigh Tonks.