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5 texts you'll send your new bae vs the bae you've always had

Texting can be so confusing...

By Isha Bassi

The start of a fresh relationship is always exciting because everything is shiny and new. You guys are both on your best behaviour, you get butterflies when you see them, and you sort of want to be with them all day, every day. You’re even sending some cheeky texts, which have been pre-approved by at least 5 friends of course.

But all things settle in, and that includes a new relationship. Soon enough you’ll feel less inclined to share every moment of your day with them. In fact, you’ll probably be a bit more honest and open with your communication, but probs still send just as many emojis (cause who doesn’t love 'em!). And that’s completely fine and normal – you guys still love each other, you’ve just evolved from that honeymoon phase.

But… what if you guys were friends first? And now you’re dating! Well here's 5 sample situations where texting can get a teeny weeny bit difficult.

1. Making date night plans

With a new BF you might not know much about them or their interests so it's best to play it safe for the first couple of dates. Hit them up with a text asking if they would like to grab dinner, or if you're feeling something a bit more casual then suggest a coffee date where you guys can chat for hours on end.

If you’ve known the guy for a while, you probably have a much better grasp on what they like and dislike. Try surprising them by asking them out to watch their fav movie, grabbing takeout from their fav restaurant, or grabbing tickets to a band they would like to see. It’ll be an uber-cute way to show them that you like them, and that you listen to them.

2. Saying good morning

It seems like in every relationship (well, in the beginning) it's sort of a staple to be wishing them good morning and good night.

On the other hand, if you guys are still adjusting from the friends to couple thing, try experiment with sending them a text in the morning or night. They’ll appreciate the gesture, and who knows… it could become a v v adorable routine you end up doing.

3. Giving compliments

Fresh into a new relationship, you guys might be a bit more shy and nervous with one another. Don’t be afraid to shoot them a text during the day complimenting them, or even better say what you’re feeling in person when you see them all dolled up for your date night.

It can be slightly jarring seeing your friend turn into your BF. Both of you are probs really comfortable with one another, and joke around heaps. But don’t forget to compliment them too, not because they look good, but because it'll reassure them that you don't just see them as a friend.

4. Apologising

Your first fight in a new relationship can seem like a huge deal. You’re worried that they’ll stop liking you and do anything to patch it up. It took you this long to find bae, there is no way you’re losing him now. Shoot them an apology text ASAP or ask them to call so you can work things out.

But, your first official fight as a couple who’s been friends for ages? That might be even more difficult and hard to comprehend cause you guys have always gotten on so well before. The best thing to do is breathe, have some space, and then assess the situation. Talking to each other about what’s going on is always best.

5. Randomly checking in

During the honeymoon phase you’re always thinking about each other, even if you don’t really have anything to say. This is where you shoot your SO a text to remind them that you adore them, and are missing them.

With the bae you’ve always had but have just acquired, you’re likely to be more accustomed to not having to see or text one another all the time. BUT that doesn't mean it's not nice to send them a message about a funny inside joke you guys share, or maybe you saw something that reminded you of them. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – just show that you’re thinking of them in your own way and they'll love you for it.

Ultimately it’s up to you on how you wanna text your partner as there is defs no right or wrong answer here. Good luck, cuties.