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6 steps to ~the best~ shave

From your armpits to your bikini line, get skin smoother than a baby dolphin with these expert tips.

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1. Jump in the shower

First up, pop on some tunes, hop under the water and lather up. Wash the area you want to shave to get rid of any body oil/deodorant residue. The heat and moisture from the steam will also soften your skin so it’s ready for shaving. Never shave dry skin, we repeat, NEVER. Not unless you want to end up with tiny cuts all over, nasty shaving rash, and a razor clogged with dead skin. Yeah, probs not.

2. Scruba-dub dub

Exfoliate the area with a loofah or scrub, working in small circular motions. While this step isn't a total must, it's a good idea if you know you're prone to ingrowns (that's where the hair circles back into the skin causing those tiny red bumps). Doing this will also get rid of dry skin/oil build-up which can cause the blade to catch as you're shaving, resulting in razor burn – NAGL.

3. Apply moisture-rich shaving gel/cream

Don’t go too crazy, just enough to cover the area. This helps soften the hair, preventing ingrowns and shaving rash (Not what you want. No sir-y). It also moisturises and helps you keep track of where you’ve shaved, making the whole process a helluva lot easier.

4. Choose a brand-new razor

A dull, clogged razor simply will not do; no, no, no - it’ll only make you apply more pressure on it to make it work, resulting in irritated skin. Remember, a disposable razor is called that for a reason – so never use it more than three times. Also, go for a razor made specifically for women as these have moisture strips that are really soothing on your skin.

5. Shave it off – in one direction

Here we go! Holding the razor lightly, start shaving in the opposite direction of your hair growth. In-between passes, rinse the blade under warm water. To get the closest shave, keep you skin taut while shaving. So for your armpit, raise you hand above your head.

6. Treat yo' skin

Keep your skin super-soft and healthy by applying a rich moisturiser - just wait 10-15 until you do this for best results. Also, avoid overly scented creams or fake tans straight after shaving, unless you enjoy stinging pain! In the days after, if you find you're getting a lot of ingrowns, don't freak out. You can either exfoliate the area to try to free them or use a glycolic acid cleanser on the affected areas. Now enjoy your new fuzz-free self. #Flawless

This article was brought to you by Schick