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Here are the 7 apps you need for your health and wellbeing RN

We've got you covered.

This collection of iPhone apps will help you stay zen all month. Sleep better, monitor your moods, meditate, breathe and be your happy self :)

Noisli - AUD$2.99

This app offers background noise to help you focus while studying, during your meditation or yoga classes, relax while reading or before going to sleep plus it'll calm anxiety so all the good stuff.

Period Diary is a fully-animated, easy-to-use period tracker so you'll never be surprised again.

A tailored meditation program developed by a team of expert - psychologists with expertise in youth and adolescent therapy and mindfulness so #legit.

Pocket Yoga - AUD$4.49

With Pocket Yoga you can keep practise at your own pace. Just roll out your mat, place your phone in front, and the app will guide you through an entire session.

3-Minute Mindfulness - Free with in-app purchases.

This app is perfect for when you need to be mindful, but don't have the time. In just three minutes you can refresh yourself and be ready to take on the world. It'll help you shake off the stress, anxiety and tension of school and life.

Breath of Light - AUD$7.99

This app is a meditative puzzle game with a ~hypnotic~ soundtrack. Basically you have to guide energy by moving rocks around the mystic garden, setting them in place and watching the energy settle into its new flow. Sounds a bit crazy but it actually quite a relaxing game.

Headspace - Free

This app helps you learn meditation and mindfulness in just 10 minutes a day. Meditation will help you smile more, focus, stress less and sleep better.

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