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7 things you’re doing that are secretly making you break out

Let's just say you'll be putting your next phone call on speaker.

By Meg Bellemore
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There are many, many things that can be the sneaky cause of pesky breakouts, but eliminating these everyday mistakes from the mix is a good place to start.

1. Not washing out your conditioner properly

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Or worse, going to bed with wet hair. All those heavy duty oils that nourish and seal them dry AF ends can clog your pores, resulting in those zit families we loathe the most – chestne and bacne. Throw your head over and give your hair a quick dry off with a blow dryer before bed, and if the body spots still show up, invest in Phisophex body wash. It’s the actual best. And don’t forget to change your pillow case at least once a week!

2. Using dirty makeup brushes and sponges

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Shampooing your own hair is annoying enough, let alone bathing your brushes! But, it turns out it's kinda necessary when you consider you could be swiping bacteria , dirt and debris around your face – a three piece feed for blackheads! Once a week, wash them with a brush cleanser then let them dry lying flat, so the moisture from the bristles doesn’t seep through to the handle.

If you’re out of cleanser, go for a baby shampoo to get the product out, and a spritz of rubbing alcohol to kill the germs.

3. Scrubbing away the good stuff

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While skin brushes are an amazing tool for light exfoliation, it is possible to overuse them. To remain pimp-free, your skin actually needs to hold onto the good oils. The minute you dehydrate, you’ll break out. Save the scrubbing ritual for once a week and we promise your skin will thank you.

4. Touching your face when stressed

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Are you literally the thinking face emoji? Chances are you suffer from a little redness on the chin, or, a regular crop of pustule pals. That time of the month and chin breakouts come hand in hand, but at the very least, keep the hand sanitiser close by and resist the urge to pick!

5. Drying your face with a bath towel

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Towels can be pretty darn abrasive and that sensitive acid mantle (the thin, slightly acidic protection layer over your skin) doesn’t like to be thrown off balance. As weird as this sounds, patting your face dry with a flannel wash cloth or a 100% cotton muslin cloth can make a huge difference to the texture of your skin.

6. Skipping lunch and a water bottle refill

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Forgetting lunch means you’re depriving your skin of all the vitamins it needs to do its rejuvenating thing, and without hydration from within, skin cell turn over can become a little sluggish. Same goes for your metabolism, so plan ahead!

7. Too much talking

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On your iPhone, that is. You literally have your mitts on it all day, and everything from the tiny bacterias in the residue from your key board to the rail you lean on on the bus is going to end up on your cheek. When your screen’s looking grubby, plug in your headphones for the chat.