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The crazy things you've always wanted to know about boobs

Weird hairs, inverted nipples and lopsided boobies...

Boob guru DOLLY Doctor Melissa answers all those questions you're BUSTing (lel #SozNotSoz) to know

I'm 15 and still have a really flat chest. Like REALLY flat. All my friends have boobs ... Is there something wrong with me?

Nope. There could be two reasons for this. One is that you started developing later (as in, it took longer for puberty to kick in for you) or it's taking longer than 'average'. Another is that it's your genes (so thanks Mum) - what are your mum's or other female relatives' boobs like and when did they grow? If you have absolutely NO breast development at all, then have a chat with your doctor as there are options which you can consider in the future.

I was elbowed in the boob, does that mean I'll get cancer?
Noope, this is just a myth. There is no link between injury and breast cancer. Some of the risk factors associated with breast cancer include having a close relative who has breast cancer (ie it's genetic), alcohol (having more than two standard drinks a day) and getting older (meaning it's more common in older women).

One of my boobs is bigger than the other. Is this normal and will the other one catch up?
A woman's boobs are never exactly the same size, or shape. And during puberty, one breast can grow faster than the other. It's likely they'll even out, but some women do end up with different-sized boobs. Mostly no-one notices except them. However if one is considerably larger than the other, have a chat with your doctor as surgery might be an option once you've fully developed.

My left nipple doesn't stick out, but my right one does. What's wrong with them? I want them to be the same!
You might have a flat nipple or an 'inverted nipple' on the left boob. Both are common and normal. A flat nipple is, well, flat! An inverted nipple points inwards. Your nipples may change further while you're growing. Women with flat or inverted nipples still feel sexual pleasure and are able to breastfeed.

Is it bad to wear your bra to bed?
No, wearing a bra to bed doesn't affect your boobs or their development. Just make sure it fits well and is comfortable. You might want to try a sports bra which will be a lot comfier for sleeping.

I have lots of really dark hairs around my nipples. I hate them, help!
Hairs commonly grow out of the nipples once you start developing boobs so don't stress. If you want to, you can pull them out with tweezers or gently shave them (don't worry, they won't grow back darker or thicker - that's just a myth). If you've noticed hair on other areas - like your chest, or stomach - or you're worried about the amount of body hair you have, chat to your doctor as your hormones might be out of whack.

I get picked on a lot about my big boobs. I'm 13 and wear a 12D bra. Will they EVER stop growing?
Anyone bullying you is being immature or they're probably just jealous! Boobs develop over a four-year period, but can take shorter or longer - it's different for everyone. The fastest growth occurs up to the time of your first period. If you've had this, breast development will probably slow down.

I have stretch marks on my boobs and hate them. Help, how can I get rid of them?
Breast stretch marks are common because this part of the body grows so quickly during puberty. You can't get rid of them but they will fade. Rubbing Vitamin E or aloe vera cream may help them fade faster.

I heard you were meant to check your boobs regularly for lumps, but I'm not sure what I should be looking for
You're looking for changes to the normal texture of your boobs. Breasts consist of milk glands, ducts, fatty tissue and 'connective' tissue (which holds the glands and fatty tissue together). Breasts with a higher proportion of glands and connective tissue may feel 'lumpy', and breasts can also seem 'lumpy' before a period. An actual lump, however, often feels distinct from the rest of the breast tissue. You can ask your doctor to show you what to look for.