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Don't be afraid of change

Alli Simpson reveals her NEW New Year's resolution…

Alli Simpson

"A change is as good as a holiday", they say.

And chicks this is very true because change can be invigorating and energizing, just like a holiday.

It can refresh your body and revitalise your mind and your attitude. Change can bring you new confidence and help you find something you never knew you liked or never knew you had in you.

Change invites “the new” into your world. Be brave, don't be afraid. Do you know why young kids always seem to have so much energy? It's because everything feels new to them.

New is exciting, fun and never boring!

Embrace change. Sometimes you can't control it, so just rock and roll with it and accept it. Sometimes you can control it and you get the chance to change it, or not. You're choice.

Try something new today. You can't wish that you had changed yesterday so don't blow the chance to change today. What you change today may change where you end up in 10 years’ time! You may actually be in control of your own destiny. No harm in trying, right?

But remember to always be the authentic you. Don't change just because you think someone else wants you to.

Don't NOT change because you think someone else DOESN'T want you to! Be the change that the authentic you wants to see.

Try that new haircut or new colour. Go crazy or conservative, but be you. Try that different colour lipstick or eyeliner. Try that different colour in fashion that you have never worn before.

If you always wear jeans, try a skirt. If you always wear a skirt, try some jeans.

This New Year's Eve make a list of some things that you would like to change and all the new things that you would like to try. Remember to still be your wonderful self as there is nothing as perfect.

Don't try to change everything all at once. That can be daunting. Make a list and tick them off one at a time; when you are ready. But don't wait too long! You don't know what fun is just around the corner. So try something new, don't be afraid, and keep on going!

Happy NEW Year!