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How to tell if your PMS symptoms are normal

Crying... like, a lot?

By Sammy Stewart

Ah, the joys of periods. While being a girl is the, dealing with periods and everything in between, well, it can be a bit of a pain (no pun intended.)

Before you get your period, the ol demon known as PMS can rear its head and make you go from Aria to Chanel in less than seconds. It's useful to keep a period diary for a while and see what patterns develop in your menstrual cycle, but til then we are here to help you figure out what’s normal and what’s not.

Not in a good mood?

Before you get your period your hormone levels change so it’s totally normal to experience a change in mood. As well as moody, you may feel irritable, angsty, angry, emotional and could even start crying for no apparent reason. While you might want to curl up in bed all day and watch sad movies, try doing something that will actually make you HAPPY! Yep, you go rewatch all of 1D’s video diaries, babes.

Breaking out?

Even if you’re eating perfectly well, cleansing day and night and aren’t feeling particularly stressed, those darn hormone changes can still make you the mayor of zit city. Here are 10 skincare changes you can make to work on clearing up that pretty face.

How long will these symptoms last?

PMS symptoms can occur 1 to 2 weeks before your actual period and last until 7 days after the first day of your period.

Feeling a tad bloated?

Everything feeling a little tighter and slightly uncomfortable around your waist? You have your period to thank for that but don’t worry, it’s only temporary. The bloating you get 2-3 days the week or so before your period is caused by water retention. Eat plenty of leafy greens and fruits plus maintain your hydration levels and you’ll be good in no time.

Headaches are also a thing

The drop in estrogen (another pesky hormone) could explain why you feel like you have Ashton Irwin banging his drum in your brain. Headaches and migraines are a completely normal PMS symptoms and can be treated by drinking plenty of water, avoiding sugary and salty snacks, and taking paracetamol when required.


Feel like a burger? With a chocolate cookie? And a milkshake? With a bowl of spaghetti on the side? You're not alone, kween. Craving all sorts of comfort foods before your period is totally normal since your stress hormone (cortisol) and the feel-good hormone (serotonin) dips. Eat plenty of protein (YAS peanut butter!) and those sad feels will be banished.

Case of the sweats

If you wake up totally sweaty or find yourself getting wet under the arms for no damn reason, that’s another normal (but pesky) PMS symptom. Since your hormones are kinda on a rollercoaster, you may find your body temperature rising – particularly during your sleep. We suggest keeping some baby wipes by your bed to pat yourself down if you wake up drenched.

Feeling faint

Triggered by hormone fluctuations, dizziness, nauseousness or lightheaded feels can last for a few minutes in the lead up to your period. To avoid feeling faint, make sure you stay hydrated, avoid sugary drinks, avoid skipping meals and lie down if you’re feeling a bit delicate.

Swollen or tender boobies

Some women will notice their breasts swell up just before a period, then shrink again and that's ~totally~ normal. You might also notice your tittays feeling slightly tender and swollen and it's generally no cause for concern and should go away when your period ends.