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It’s now been proven depression is not just a mental illness, it’s a physical one

It takes its toll on your immune system.

No doubt if you’ve suffered from depression (and one in four Aussie teens have) you know it can affect your whole body: your muscles ache, you get headaches and stomach aches, not to mention you’re as tired as all heck. Sometimes you wonder if this is just because you’re not eating properly/not getting enough rest etc. But nope, new research has #confirmed this isn’t the case and what’s going on with your brain chemistry actually has a direct impact on your body.

Without getting into too much medical speak this study, conducted by researchers at the University of Granada in Spain, found depression causes oxidative stress which basically messes with how your body system works, reports Medical Daily.

In other words, for the first-time EVER depression is being recognised as more than just a mental illness, it’s actually now a physical one. Just like getting the flu.

But don’t freak out though because just like getting the sniffles, once patients in this research trial were given treatment their bodies returned to that of a normal healthy person.

So basically, if you’re feeling down and you think it’s depression, don’t just think that you’ll eventually shake it off and miraculously get better. Just like having the flu, you need to get treatment so head down to the docs for a chat about how you get back to feeling 100%.