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This is the best sleeping position for easing period pain

Not to mention middle-of-the-night leakage.

By Amber Manto

As if being on shark week isn’t ~uncomfortable~ enough during the day, along comes those cramps at night basically making it impossible to sleep.

A hot water bottle and a couple paracetamol can only do so much when it feels like your stomach is about to explode.

However turns out there could be one more thing you could do to ease those cramps; change your sleeping position to this..

^ The fetal position. Just like a bub in the womb.

“Sleeping in the fetal position takes pressure off the abdominal muscles,” gynaecologist Dr Lisa Lindley told Glamour.

The research team over at the period tracker app Clue reckons there’s another benefit to sleeping in the fetal position: no leakage. That’s cause your legs are pressed together, trapping da flow.

^ None of this action at midnight.

And the worst position to sleep in if you’re cramping and worried about spillage? On your stomach, as this puts pressure on your ab muscles causing more blood to come out, says Dr Jennifer Wider to Glamour.

So there you have it. More of this:

And less of this…

Will result in this: