Dolly Doctor

Everything you need to know about that darn bloating problem

The reasons behind why you're feeling so 'bleghhh'.

By Grace Back

Whether you've just eaten a BIG lunch or it's ~that~ time of the month there's nothing fun about a bloated belly. So thankfully, DOLLY's here to get to the bottom of what bloating is and how we can stop it.

What is bloating?

Simply put, bloating is when our bellies feel uncomfortably full, tight or swollen. Bloating can also cause some slight pain in the stomach, as well as excessive gas and frequent burping. Ick.

What can cause bloating?

There are heaps of ~sneaky~ reasons that our stomachs bloat, including:

  • Allergies
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Stress
  • Sleep levels
  • Dehydration
  • Constipation

Alternatively, bloating can be related to diet. Plenty of healthy foods naturally produce gas such as beans, broccoli and onions. Lactose - a sugar found in dairy products - and excessive amounts of fructose - a sugar found in fruit and fruit juices - can also cause bloating.

How do I know whats causing my bloating?

The most effective way to help work out the cause of your bloating is to keep a food and symptom diary. Try to record everything you eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner, all snacks and drinks) over 3-4 days (include schooldays and weekends). Write down if and when you get the symptoms and what they were and how long they lasted.

This way when/if the symptoms do occur you can pinpoint which foods or drinks might be causing your bloating.

Why do I always feel bloated when it's ~that~ time of the month?

The bloating we all experience around the week or so before our period is usually caused by ~water retention~. Meaning, water is trapped in our body due to the different hormone production present during our period. Also, our hormonal fluctuations during this time can cause digestive issues including excessive gas or constipation. #TMI.

How do I stop my bloating?

Because there are so many different ways that a person can bloat, there is no precise answer to stopping bloating. Instead there are heaps of different, natural ways to ease your bloating.

Again the most effective way is to keep a diary and pinpoint the certain foods and drinks that have been causing you to bloat, eliminating them from your diet will ease your tummy.

Natural remedies to ease bloating:


Yep, we know this is probably the last thing you feel like doing when you have your period and are seriously bloated BUT regular exercise can ease stress and regulate weight.

Skip the salt.

When those cravings for salty chips and other salt infested snacks kick in, try to not give in as salt can cause you to retain water weight and thus feel super bloated.

Eat small frequent meals rather than fewer larger meals.

Eating smaller and more frequent meals will make it easier for your digestive system.

Drink plenty of water.

Not only does drinking water help with 3000 other things to keep your body healthy, drinking 8-10 glasses per day can actually decrease your chances of bloating.