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6 Body hair questions you were too embarrassed to ask – answered

“Is this normal?”

1. Why is my bikini line itchy when the hair grows back?

When you shave you can irritate and dry out skin. It’s important to keep the hair follicles healthy in between shaves, so make sure you moisturise frequently. Hairs can also grow back ingrown, where they coil back under the skin, causing itchy red bumps. Exfoliate regularly to avoid this and to work the hairs back out.

2. Why do my underarms sting when I put on deodorant after shaving?

Immediately after shaving, the skin can be quite sensitive and sometimes slightly irritated. If you can, wait around 10-15 minutes before applying deodorant. But because it’s not like we have a lot of time to play while we’re getting ready for school (mmmmm, bed) you may also want to try switching to a razor that contains moisturisation benefits, such as the Schick Quattro for Women Disposable, as this can be more soothing for the skin.

3. How can I avoid shaving rashes?

Ugh, shaving rash can be so annoying, not to mention itchy! But there are a few key things to remember to keep your skin rash-free:

  1. Allow skin and hair to soften before shaving. Let the steam of your shower open up those pores for about 5 minutes before taking a razor to the skin.

  1. Use a shaving gel/cream and use a new razor. Shave in even strokes with very gentle pressure.

  1. Once you’re all done, apply a soothing, alcohol free moisturiser.

4. How do I get rid of a hairy mole?

Moles on the body are totally natural, and since hair grows on almost all of the body, it’s likely that you might have a hair or two coming out of yours. If it bothers you the best way to remove hairs would be to pluck them out with tweezers so you don’t damage the sensitive skin around the mole.

5. I sometimes get hair around my nipples, is this normal?

We know it might seem strange, but hair surrounding the nipples is actually really common! About 30% of all women have stray hairs in the breast area so it’s nothing to be worried about. The hairs are usually caused by hormonal changes in the body, and if they bother you, you can pluck them out.

6. I’m embarrassed about my hairy forearms, can I shave or wax them?

Everyone has hairs on their arms. It tends to grow thicker and darker once you hit puberty, and this varies depending on the colour of the hair on your head. Like with all body hair, it can be removed. But there are a few things to remember with your forearms. If you do decide to shave them, keep in mind that the hair will grow back, and if you don’t exfoliate frequently, you could have some ingrowns out on show in t-shirt weather. If you decide to wax, the skin on your arms is sensitive, so prepare for a bit of pain.