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This 14-year-old looks EXACTLY like Brooklyn Beckham


The internet has found Brooklyn Beckham’s doppelgänger and we’re serious; this is some Elena Gilbert/ Katherine Pierce sorta stuff we’re dealing with.

14-year-old Noah Shaw from Utah, USA (soz girls) shares the same face as your BF Brooklyn Beckham and even we couldn’t tell the two apart (trust us, we’re experts in that kinda thing.)

The American teen revealed to Seventeen that everything went crazy when he left a comment on one of Brooklyn’s instagram post saying “Hey, me and you look pretty alike and I think it's cool.”

From that moment Noah's own fandom started.

He explained that students at his school even refer to him as Brooklyn, "I just walk through the halls and people are like, 'What's up, Brooklyn?"


To make things even crazier, Noah mentioned that he has a love of skateboarding AND soccer, which are things that our Brookers loves.

BRB, booking a trip to Utah.