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Celebs to follow on Tumblr RIGHT NOW

Just another way to get up-close-and-personal to your fave stars…

Celebs to follow on Tumblr RIGHT NOW

Taylor Swift
Just because Taylor is a multi-platinum selling artist doesn’t mean that she is immune to the world of candid snapshots and videos of cats. Oh, and if you’re lucky, Taylor might just send you an emoji or message you. She seems to know everything that goes on in the universe of Tumblr. She be creeping.

Kylie Jenner
If you feel like Kylie Jenner’s Instagram isn’t enough, head over to her Tumblr for an insight into the world of the youngest Kardashian. Expect a lot of Rihanna, brooding snaps of models and fashion pics. Oh and pouting. Lots and lots of klassic pouting.

Tumblr was made for Lorde. The music industry’s coolest chick once again shows you how it’s done with her poetic lyrics and a look into her creative world. (With the occasional adorable pic of her and Taylor.)

We’re not surprised Bey is ruling the Tumblr world. The Queen offers a look inside her crazy busy life with while making sure to capture Kodak moments of all her killer outfits along the way.

Ariana Grande
One of the best things about Tumblr is watching celebs before our very eyes, act like, well us. Despite having the occasional photo-shoot pic, Ariana’s Tumblr is loaded with relationship quotes, outfit ideas and just pretty things that deserve to be reblogged.

Cara Delevingne
When new found out that Cara D had a Tumblr, we freaked. Seriously. If you though her Instagram was amazing, wait till you start following her on Tumblr. Expect anything… because it’s Cara.

Lucy Hale
Looking through Lucy’s Tumblr is like looking at your own. Or your best friends. Or even Aria Montgomery’s. With her sugar, spice and everything awesome, this girl’s Tumblr reminds us just WHY we love Lucy.

Zooey Deschanel
Quaint, quirky and adorable are three words that come to mind when you think of Zoey Deschanel and her matching Tumblr. Complete with a whimsical theme, this Tumblr will become your go-to happy place.

Haley Williams
We guarantee you will develop a new-found love for the flaming haired singer of Paramore. We don’t know about you, but thanks to Tumblr, we feel like we are on a BFF-level with Haley and totally agree with her views on girl power, beauty tips and fashion picks. Oh, and mutal love for Taylor Swift. Yep, we’re already following.

Karlie Kloss
If you followed Karlie on Tumblr, you’d want her as your BFF too. Expect scenic views of exotic locations, glam behind-the-scenes shots, the occasional high fashion photoshoot and adorable musings from our new fave model.

Words: Samantha Stewart.