Dolly Doctor

This chocolate bar is scientifically designed to relieve your period cramps

Even more reason to down a bar.

By Sammy Stewart

Getting your period isn't the best thing about being a girl, but here's some news to make less crappy.

We already knew a good bar of choc can help ~ease~ your mood when it's that time of the month, but now there's an actual chocco that is designed to help relieve period pain.


According to The Independent, Lucerne-based company 'Chocolate With Love' reckons they've solved all your period pain problems. The "Frauenmond" bar which translates to "women's moon," contains 60% chocolate which contains feel-good chemical serotonin and 17 Swiss mountain herbs that can ease your cramps.

The inventor of the chocolate bar told 20 Minuten that his creation is "reassuring, harmonizing, and at the same time very delicious" however made it clear that the chocolate bar does NOT replace actual medicines.

Pretty cool, huh? NGL, we'd still be pretty keen with a basic bar.