Dolly Doctor

9 clothes that could be irritating your vajay-jay

SOZ, body-suit lovers.

By Grace Back

Your vagina is a goddamn hero. Not only do your lady bits clean itself, but it's even tough enough to have a watermelon sized baby pass through it someday. But that's not to say that it will turn on you the second you mistreat her. Poor personal hygiene, irritating soaps or using the wrong moisturiser can all make your vagina give you the finger. In return it will become itchy, swell or even give out a stanky smell and funky discharge.

But did you know clothes can also cause the same reaction?

Here are some of the clothing items that you should give the boot if your vajay is feeling ~funky~.

1. Coloured underwear

Okay, so this might not be the most ~proven~ claim, but if you have super sensitive skin - fabric dye can cause irritation. If you're paranoid it wouldn't hurt to rock a pair of tighty-whiteys more often than not, but don't stress unless your vag is going wild and you've done everything you could to solve the problem except throwing out your favourite pair of pink undies.

2. Wet swimsuits

Make sure you don't hang out in your wet trunks for too long. That's a whole lot of ~moisture~ around your vag just sitting there. If you're prone to yeast infections, this can be a recipe for vaginal disaster.

3. Non-cotton underwear

Your vag enjoys cotton bc it's breathable, meaning your lady garden won't overheat and gather moisture, which can trigger some uncomfy results. Satin, silk, polyester, nylon...these fabrics are hell for your vagina's fragile ecosystem. If you feel you have to wear silky, satiny, sexy undies then at least make sure the inside crotch is cotton.

4. G-bangers

Okay ladies, this is going to get ugly...but just try and stay with me. G-strings are so tight and snug against the body that they come in to contact with your butt crack. This makes them a great exporter of trace fecal matter and anal bacteria to your vaginal area. Which in turn can cause UTI's, irritated tissue and funky vajay discharge. I'm not saying ditch the thong, but if you outfit doesn't permit it or you start to feel something ~funky~ down there, switch it up for a nice pair of cotton undies.

5. Sweaty active wear

Although active wear may very well be the best thing to happen to women since Channing Tatum decided to make Magic Mike, please do not be tempted to lounge around in your fitness gear after you've worked out. Your lady region is going to be nice and sweaty, prime real estate for a yeast infection to move in. Peel off those sweaty clothes - underwear included - as soon as you can.

6. Bodysuits

I know right, the trend of the season and it's BAD for us? Can we ever catch a break? So, bodysuits can be so tight that your vagina might be thinking, "What did I do to deserve this?" If you do want to wear a bodysuit, it's probably a good idea not to wear underwear with it, because that'll just make your nether region hot, damp and perfect for an infection. Also, you're vag is better off if you rock a bodysuit with a loose fitting skirt or pants, rather than tight jeans or shorts.

7. Your cotton undies

I know, I know, this whoooooolllleeee time we started off by telling you cotton undies are the best for a happy and healthy vagina. But, you know what's even better? Not wearing ~anything~ at all. You don't have to take this as an excuse to go commando all the time, but get into the habit of taking your undies off at the end of the day. Oh, and stop sleeping in your undies. Let the girl breathe.

8. Dirty PJ bottoms

IF you decide to go commando when you're sleeping, make sure that you're being hygienic about it. Don't wear the same PJ bottoms night after night because your vag will make buddies with old bacteria, which can cause all kinds of funky things. So, go give 'em a wash.

9. Tight pants

Sigh. Yes, your fave pair of skinny jeans you love so much aren't your BFF. Don't fret though, it doesn't mean you can never wear tight pants again, just learn to give your bod a break every now and then, especially if you start to feel itchy or irritated down there. Remember, your vag will thank you later.

So, make sure you look after ~her~, okay?