Dolly Doctor

DOLLY DOCTOR: Glossary of sex terms

You probz hear these words all the time at school. Here’s what they really mean!

By Matt Galea
DOLLY DOCTOR: Glossary of sex terms

Ever hear an inappropes word at school and wonder what the eff it means? Here, DOLLY Doctor decodes all those weird words for you...

Boner, hard-on, stiffy: An erect penis.

Bang or root: The act of having sexual intercourse.

Dry hump: When two people simulate sex by rubbing up against each other; like sex but with no penetration.

Connie, dom, franger or rubber: A condom.

Fap, flog, jack off, jerk off or wank: When a guy rubs his penis until he ejaculates; male masturbation.

Hand job, handy or wristy: When a person stimulates their partner's penis using their hand until he ejaculates.

Blow job, blowie or head job: Performing oral sex on a guy.

Jizz or spoof: The fluid released from a penis when he ejaculates (officially known as semen).

Wet dream: When guys have sexy dreams that cause them to ejaculate semen in their sleep.