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If you sweat a lot then you might want to read this

Dry off.

By Anna Bradley
Ashley Greene

Sweating is one of those awkward beauty issues that we don’t have control over or enjoy talking about – but it’s something we deal with daily.

But how much sweat is normal and is there such a thing as excessive sweating? We did some digging and spoke to Director at Brisbane Skin and Specialist Dermatologist Dr Shobhan Manoharan to find out more.

"Why am I so wet all the time?"
So it turns out there's a scientific name for excessive sweating. It’s known as hyperhidrosis (HH) and it can be primary or secondary. (What on earth does that mean?!?)


Primary HH is when there is an over-activity in the part of the brain that controls your body’s temperature, causing the sweat glands to produce more sweat than usual. Dr Manoharan says this can be made worse by anxiety, exercise, weather and spicy foods.

Maybe cut down on those curries then, eh?

But there's more...

Secondary HH happens when neurological conditions such as a tumour, stroke or hormonal problems are present. It can also take place when caffeine is in the system.

How do I stop this?!

Dr Manoharan’s tips for helping to reduce excessive sweating include:

~ Avoid spicy foods, caffeine and drugs/medication
~ Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing
~ Ease up on wearing synthetic fabrics (if possible)
~ Keep cool in warm weather
~ Reduce anxiety levels

If excessive sweating continues after you do all that, Dr Manoharan recommends seeing a specialist dermatologist who can offer a wide range of successful treatments like creams and whatnot.

Is sweating in THAT area normal?
It turns out that genetics may play a role in where you tend to sweat more. Dr Manoharan says it’s a very individual thing and it varies from person to person but the armpits, hands and feet are most common.

Fun fact: there’s a condition known as Frey’s syndrome which occurs when there is nerve damage in the cheek area and results in sweating and flushing whenever your hungry. I don’t know about you but if we suffered from Frey’s syndrome we'd pretty much be sweating all the time.

Thankfully, no matter how much you sweat there are plenty of products to help prevent excessive sweating. This way you can keep your armpits smelling fresh like pretty flowers and yumminess.

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