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12 crazy/cool/weird facts about boobs that you need to know

It'll be the breast thing you read all day. #SorryNotSorry

By Grace Back

Bazongas, jugs, hooters, babaloos, melons, boobies, tits. Whateva you wanna call them, we all have them. So, here are 12 super-interesting facts to keep you informed about the wondrous and exciting world of lady lumps.

1. Everyone stares at your boobs. EVERYONE.

A study that used an eye-tracking device on both women and men proved your boobies are getting everyone’s attention. It's just human nature to have a look. So, eyes up here… everyone.

2. You breasts are constantly changing size.

You can go up as much as a cup size (yes, please!) during your period thanks to hormones going crazy.

3. Your probs wearing the wrong bra size.

It has been proven that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the totally wrong size. So there’s a pretty solid chance when you saddle your breasts up every morning, they’re probably in the wrong saddle.

4. There are eight different types of nipples, and boobs

Because, who doesn’t love a bit of variety? Nipples can be flat, puffy, normal or inverted. And boobs can be round, teardrop, point out, in or up. FYI, they are all totally NORMAL.

5. Your boobs are more likely to have dry skin than any other body part.

During puberty our breasts stretch so the skin tends to be thinner, making them more prone to dryness. So, who’s got the moisturiser?

6. Your left boob is probably slightly bigger.

In fact, studies have shown 65% of us have lopsided lumps so don’t be alarmed if you notice you’re swaying to one side.

7. There are more than four million bras made every day.

Uh, with all those bras in the world why does it take us a whole morning of rummaging through our drawers to find a measly one bra?!? One of life's big mysteries.

8. Nipple hair is totally normal.

Yep, you read that right. It is super normal to have some stray hairs here and there. If it bothers you, waxing it away is fine or if there are only a few it’s probs easier to give it a quick tweeze.

9. Every set of nips point in a different direction.

Not only do all our lady lumps come in varying sizes and shapes, each pair of boobs has its own point - some nipples sit higher, lower, point outward or inward. It's like your nips are your boob's fingerprint, totally ~unique~ to you.

10. Sleeping facedown can change the shape of your breasts.

Make sure your boobs get a good night's sleep by trying not to sleep on your stomach as research has found it can change the shape of your boobs (over a long period of time though). The best position to sleep is on your side with a pillow popped under them for support.

11. Six per cent of people have a third nipple.

That’s right, SIX PER CENT! So it’s not super-freaky to have a third nip somewhere, it’s actually, sorta, kinda, common.

12. Also, just in case you were wondering (obvs) this is who owns the largest set of knockers

Annie Hawkins-Turner from Atlanta in the US has the world’s largest natural breasts on record. She would wear a 48V, if bras actually came in that size (she's forced to wear stretchy bras instead).