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8 #FACTS you need to know about receiving oral sex

Coz it's not all about him.

By Amber Manto
oral sex facts

When you think of oral sex your mind might instantly go to GIVING it rather than receiving, but oral sex is a two-way street and girl, you deserve some pleasure too.

DOLLY doctor has looked at the risks involved in performing a blow job/head job, as it's commonly called, on your boi but what about when you're the one getting it performed on you? Are the risks the same? And what else do you need to know before you consider actually doing it?

1. What are the basics?

First up the proper term for oral sex performed on a girl is cunniligus, however slang terms include going down or eating out among other not very flattering terms which we won’t go into here. As with anything sexual, it's something you should do with a committed bae and only when you feel emotionally ready as oral sex is still just that – sex.

2. But hang on, there’s no penetration so how is it sex?

Most people consider P > V to be “real” sex but this is really up for debate. When you think about it, that would mean a lesbian who has never been sexual with a male partner is then still technically a virgin – and how can that be if they're getting sexy with someone?! Whatever way you look at it though, oral sex is still a sexual act and so should be considered carefully before you decide to go and do it.

3. Why do gals rave about it?

Basically coz it feels damn good. Some gals find it easier to have an orgasm when they're being stimulated with lips and a tongue – which can be a lot softer and sensitive than an erect penis and fingers (although sometimes fingers are often involved in oral sex - it's whatever you like). Some gals also find it better than penetration cause they’re getting direct pleasure to the clitoris… which is basically feel-good central cause it’s FULL of nerve-endings and made purely for sexual pleasure. On the other hand, you may not like this feeling at all, and that's totally OK too.

5. Will I taste funky down there?

As long as you shower regularly, which you no doubt do, and keep everything relatively noice and tidy down there’s nothing for you to worry about. A healthy v-jay tastes slightly salty and tangy – this is totally normal. So if you’re freaking out about your bae not liking ~your flavour~ down there then stop stressing right this minute as any guy will just be thrilled you’ve invited them to your panty party.

6. Can I get pregnant from it?

No. Because there's no sperm involved, it’s practically impossible for you to conceive. You'd have to be darn unlucky for this to happen.

7. Oh, so oral sex is safe sex then?

Sorry but nope. Just because your bae is not putting his P into your v-jay does not mean you’re safe from all the risks that come with getting sexual with someone.

It’s still possible to get a bunch of STIs, one of them being herpes. For example if your bae has a coldsore which is the herpes virus, this can be transferred to your v-jay causing genital herpes. Not fun.

Other STIs include syphilis, chlamydia as well as the human papilloma virus (HPV) which can potentially lead to genital warts as well as throat, mouth or cervical cancer. Also not fun.

It is also possible to get HIV, though extremely unlikely. If your bae is infected with the disease and has small cuts in his mouth from brushing his teeth, this can be transferred to you through body liquids. As we said though, the chances are slim and only possible if your bae has the virus to begin with.

8. Damn, how can I reduce these risks?

The best way to eliminate ALL risk completely is not to do it, of course.

However oral sex is very enjoyable part of a sexual relationship so a way you can minimise the risk is by knowing your partner's sexual history, and ensuring they've been tested for STIs and got a clean bill of health.

Using a dental dam (a thin sheet of latex which sits over the vagina) can also reduce the risk if you really wanna play it safe. It looks like this:

Now that you know the risks, you can make a responsible decision about whether you wanna take this ~step~ with your bae. While this can be a fun thing to do together, remember that this is an important step in any relationship so shouldn't be made lightly.