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7 things that could be tampering with your body weight that isn't food

You're not poopin' enough...

By Grace Back

When it comes to weight gain/weight loss/dieting there are a whole lotta myths out there. One of the most ~harmful~ is that the only reason for significant weight gain is eating too much unhealthy food and being lazy. Sure, that is a way to gain weight - but - there are other reasons your body puts on the kilos and some of them have absolutely nothing to do with food. Who would have thunk it?!

1. Birth control

Although there isn't much research on the topic, a lot of women claim to gain weight when starting on different forms of contraception. This is a common myth, and the reason so many women think this is because when you start on a new form of birth control your body will retain more fluid as it gets used to the hormones. ~This~ is what ppl generally feel as weight gain.

2. Your daily schedule has changed

Starting your day earlier or changing the amount of sleep you get could be enough to throw your whole body outta whack.

For example, the first week back at school after summer holidays might put you at risk of weight gain - waking up earlier means having lunch earlier and doing school work late into the night means getting to bed later, then the cycle just repeats itself until you're ten pounds heavier wondering how you got here even though you've been basically eating the same thing all happens!

Don't worry, once our bod gets used to the new schedule you will even back out.

3. A new workout routine

Weird, right?

This one needs a bit of explainin'...When your bod is under stressful conditions, it releases ~cortisol~ to start converting amino acids in your liver into useful glucose, and takes fat storage deposits and relocates them to your belly.

Meaning, if you don't work out regularly and then decide to start or you change up your regular routine, your body could think it's under stress - which technically it is,= - and will respond accordingly.

Eventually though, your body will accept exercise as normal but it make take a week or two.

4. You're not pooping enough...

Dehydration, unhealthy foods, and consuming less fibre all contribute to making you poop less. You should be going once or twice a day, at least. If you're clogged up (sorry) or constipated for whatever reason, that's going to cause a spike in your weight because you're carrying around a lot of know. Your digestive system is your friend, so treat her right.

5. You're not getting enough nutriton

To put it simply, when your body isn't getting enough vitamins and nutrients it holds onto whatever food you do have and fat cells in your body because it's thinking, "I don't know when I'm going to get Vitamin X next, let's stock up like a bear before hibernation."

Make sure your body gets enough fruit and veggies.

6. It's *that* time of the month

When you get your period your body retains water. Feeling puffy, bloated or uncomfortable is completely normal.

This is temporary though and will ease after your period ends.

7. You're getting older

As you get older your metabolism slows down. When you're in your teens your hormones are mostly to blame for sudden weight gain and body changes.

But, all bodies grow and change and this is just one of the ~many~ cool side effects of getting older even though your habits have stayed exactly the same.