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Get to know Troye Sivan

We chatted to the 19-year-old YouTube superstar about his rise to fame through vlogging.

Get to know Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan is a 19-year-old Aussie muso, actor and YouTube star - he has over 3 million followers (!) after winning over fans with his hilarious skits and song covers. Troy will be going around Oz for the Amplify tour.

Your music has become incredibly successful. Who has been your biggest musical influence?
"I get inspired all the time, but my few consistent musical inspirations are Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean and Amy Winehouse in particular."

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for YouTube videos?
"Sometimes it can be hard because you want to keep your content interesting and original, but at the moment I’m just loving sharing my life with my audience through my vlogs. I think I had a little epiphany a while ago that my YouYube audience are literally just my mates, and so I plan on taking them along this journey every step of the way."

What do you think has made your channel get an audience of 3.2 million people?
"I’m actually not too sure! All I know is that I feel really lucky to be surrounded by the community that I am - my audience is so creatively inspiring to me and to each other, and I think it’s the best thing in the world. We’re all just trying to be the dopest versions of ourselves."

Have you given your brother Tyde any advice about getting into vlogging?
"I have given him little tips here and there, but I gotta say - his channel is all him. I’m so proud of him and how far he’s come all on his own. Now he’s better than me at editing though, so I have to watch my back a little."

Are there any YouTubers you look up to?
"I look up to all my mates. I’ve got friends writing books, friends on tour, friends doing amazing charity work... Everyone seems to be using this platform we’ve been given for really great stuff."

Which YouTuber are you closest to?
"I’d have to say Tyde Levi! I’ve known him for a bit and he’s a cool dude."

How do you juggle acting with your music and YouTubing?
"It’s not always easy, but I’m trying to make it work. Music is something you work so hard at for so long, without any response or reward until it’s released, unlike YouTube which is a lot more immediate... I’ve been working so much that I’m hoping that the music that I release this year sort of explains my occasional absence from YouTube."

What tips would you give to people wanting to start a YouTube channel?
"Just go for it! The hardest video you’ll ever make is your first."