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10 habits every girl *must* have before she turns 18

Enter adulthood with ~class~.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Hitting that big milestone of 18 is HUGE! Like, MAJOR! You're an adult now, and that means you have to start acting like one (sorta). We know adulting sounds scary as hell, but don't worry babes DOLLY's got you covered.

If you nail these 10 habits before you turn 18 then you'll seriously #KillIt at adulting.

Establish a skincare routine

By now you must know how important skincare is. This is something you want to take extra care on because there's nothing better than having #glowing skin as you get older.

Find what you skin needs and what works best for you and STICK TO IT! This is V. Important.

And plz, remove your make-up every night.


Masturbating has so many health benefits, not to mention it feels ~good~. Learning and exploring about your body is key for being an adult.

Eat healthy

Hey we aren’t saying give up on the Nutella and burritos, but eating junk food every second of the day is nahhht okay. Eating healthy sometimes is just life, so learning how to make healthy foods will benefit you in the long run. Start adulting.

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Reading every day is good for you. Not only does it make you smarter it also helps fight neurological diseases, make you sleep better and is a good way to de-stresses. Go on, get caught up in the love-life of Hardin and Tessa…

Go outside more

Enjoy those sun rays and soak in the vitamin D! We know being on Tumblr is the best way to pass time but it really wouldn’t hurt to get outside more and enjoy nature.

Clean your room regularly

There’s nothing good about having a floordrobe. Having a clear space will give you a clear mind.

Exercise often

It's OK if you’re not into organised sports, you don’t have to go and do intense workouts. You just need to find a routine that you enjoy. Whether it’s meditating or going to the gym, whatever feels best for you. Exercising regularly will seriously improve your health, state of mind and it legit makes you happy.

Wake up at the same time every day

Condition your body to wake up naturally at the same time every day. This will drastically improve your sleep and help you have more energy throughout the day.

Go offline

We know. It’s next to impossible to put your phone down. But going offline and getting away from the screen will give you time to do literally anything else. See friends, work-out, read, who cares… just relax.

Drink more water

Water improves literally EVERYTHING. Health, skin, hair, nails, happiness. Everything. Drink it more.