Dolly Doctor

7 beauty problems to avoid this Halloween

OK. That's gross!!!

By Emma Akam

Although Halloween is all about the fun and dressing up, it is important to remember all the stuff you're putting on your face can be super awful for you. Even if something looks really cool there can be problems which arise. These 7 beauty tips will help you have the best and safest Halloween possible.

1. Halloween makeup.

Don't use cheap makeup that comes from the costume shop. The makeup sold specifically for Halloween doesn't go through the same testing which regular makeup does - meaning you could get anything from an allergic reaction to zits or a full-blown infection. If your costume needs ~unusual~ makeup, buy sample sizes from a trusted brand.

2. Coloured contact lenses.

As cool as it is to see yourself with different coloured eyes, Halloween contact lenses are a really bad idea. For those of us who wear regular contact lenses, even proper ones can get irritating sometimes and they are prescribed and pass all the safety checks! Coloured lenses you buy at a discount makeup shop or online will be poor quality and can severely damage your eyes both temporarily and permanently.

3. Full face mask.

Even if the masks looks ~super~ cool it won't be long until you've pulled it off because you are WAY too hot. Plus you can barely see anything in those masks. Instead try going for a comic-themed makeup look.

4. Prosthetics, plasticisers, and adhesives.

Fake wounds and prosthetics might look impressive but you may be putting your skin at risk with low-quality masks, plasticisers, or prosthetics when worn for an extended period of time. If you're planning to construct your own wounds for Halloween, use a patch test to make sure you're not allergic to the product.

5. Fake teeth.

Fake teeth can help complete an outfit but they can stop you from eating all the sweets that you've got. Drinking can also prove a challenge. Maybe carry around some tissues for spills. Oh, and what if someone tries to kiss you? That would be a little bit of a surprise #mwah.

6. Anything offensive.

Halloween is a time for fun, not a way to offend people. In absolutely no way is using a persons culture, race or ethnicity as part of your costume acceptable. Consider the possible consequences when you're picking out your costume. If it is offensive, time to change.

7. Leaving your makeup on.

Leaving your makeup on after a long night or not removing it properly will cause problems for your skin. When you get home remember to cleanse, tone and moisture your face. If you forget your skin will be prone to spots and pimples! Now that's spooky.