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22 times Harry Styles was the cutest human on Earth

He’s an angel disguised as paisley-shirt-wearing rockstar.

Hark the Harold angel sing <3

In honour of everyone’s favourite banana-eating, we're going to remind you of 22 times Harold was the ~cutest~ human on Earth.

1. When he unleashes his feminist wisdom.

2. He ALWAYS remembers his ~manners~.

3. That time he almost fell on a dog and sincerely apologised (to the dog.)

4. That time he learnt Japanese to communicate with his fans:

5. When Harry visited the kids from the Lalela Project in South Africa - a program that provides arts education for at-risk youth and offered them all tickets to the show and hung out with them. #BLESS

6. That time he was the ultimate mate and told this lucky bride what every girl wants to hear:


  1. When he noticed the security guard had a stiff neck and gave him a massage mid-concert:**

8. He’s the ultimate advocate of a healthy balanced diet. #HealthyHarold

9. He even cares about the paparazzi’s well-being:

10. Harry isn’t afraid to get emotional.

11. He truly appreciates fan gifts.

12. He is the ~definition~ of a gentleman:

13. He knows the importance ~yoga~:

14. He's been known to totally OWN a floral, flared suit:

15. He on-the-norm sends the fandom into meltdown mode.

16. This photo:

17. He's very innovative:

18. Getting a tattoo on live TV? No worries. Harold's go-with-the-flow attitude makes him the ~chillest~ member of 1D:

19. He's got a catch phrase...

20. He sometimes gets a bit ~toO~ into his performances...

21. He's an EXCELLENT dancer #GOALS

22.  He's just a legend TBH.


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