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Harry's self-esteem battle

Harry Styles suffered from low self-confidence? Yes. Really.

Harry Styles Where We Are Book Self Doubt

It may be hard to believe, but it’s true. One Direction member and general god-of-the-universe Harry Styles has revealed that he suffered from a lack of self-confidence.

1D’s just-released autobiography Where We Are (which will also come as an audiobook - fun!) details the band’s stellar rise to stardom, and how individual members have dealt with international fame and the inevitable scrutiny that comes with it.

Even the super talented/ridiculously good looking/incredibly likeable Harry has endured moments of self-doubt, revealing to The Sun that early in his career he questioned his abilities.

“I suffered some pretty serious confidence issues when I first appeared on stage.”

At last! Harry Styles has finally cut his hair. Are you a fan? “In the film we made, This Is Us, I explained why an incident upset me a lot after we appeared on a big Saturday night TV show in the UK. I wasn’t happy with my vocal and after the show I saw some comments that I struggled with…I’ll be totally honest here and say it played on my mind for a long time.”

Luckily (for us!), Harry was able to master his fears, saying, “I’m naturally a fairly confident person in most situations, but not all… At that point any natural confidence I had was being taken over by nerves because back then I had no idea how to channel and control my anxiety.”

So, if you’re ever feeling unsure of yourself it’s best to take a leaf out of Harry’s book and try to channel that nervous energy into something more positive.

Take some deep breaths. Try to look at the bigger picture. Then try to remind yourself of your best attributes.

The moral of the story? Everyone gets nervous – even the super famous - but it’s how you deal with those feelings that can make or break you.